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Roger's Repair Service - Inspection Services

  • We provide various levels of diagnostic, inspection, and reporting services to meet the requirements of our clients.

    We inspect and provide reports for escrow or mortgage closings.

    We base our charges on the time that is taken for the job, the complexity of the job, and the customers' requirements.

    Customer requirements range from a very basic report to a complete in depth report with pictures, descriptions, and bids, for repair or replacement of equipment, structure, plaster, decks, electric panels, electronic control systems, etc.

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Basic, Minimum charges are:

  • Inspection minimum $200 (this includes the first 1 hour on the job site)
  • Then our regular hourly rate of $100, plus any expenses, as agreed to in advance, or on site, with the client.
  • Plus:
  • ANY additional time or expenses spent on the project ie: writing reports, faxing, e-mails, taking and sending photos, PDF files and conversions, CADD drawings, etc. are charged at our regular hourly rate or design & consultation rate, plus expenses.
    • NOTE: Authorized access to the property is required for the inspection, stand by time waiting for access, unlocking gates etc. is charged for at the regular hourly rate.
    • A responsible party must be present to sign the contract, any waivers, and pay for the services rendered, at the time of service, or in advance.
  • All Inspection / Evaluation / Bid services are on a strictly COD basis

For our out of town clients:

We will accept e-mailed, faxed, and written acceptance with payment included before time of service. The client will be consulted for approval on additional work requested.

* Disclaimer: This is a visual inspection only. Only items that can be visually observed and operated, at the time of inspection, are included in this inspection report. Neither Roger’s Repair Service nor the individual inspector accepts any responsibility whatsoever for items not marked on this record. Warrantee and liability is hereby expressly limited to the amount of the inspection fee that was charged for the inspection.

* Disclaimer: We can only inspect and verify the operation and integrity of equipment and structures that are operable at the time of inspection.

Some Examples:

  • If the power, water, gas, etc. are turned off, we can note that the equipment is present. we obviously cannot tell if the equipment functions correctly.
  • If the pool /spa is drained or in an unsafe condition or we cannot verify the operation status.
  • We cannot verify the integrity of the underground plumbing, gas, electric or electronic systems without actual testing.
  • We can comment only on what we can see and operate.
  • We do not go on the roof of any structure (i.e.: to inspect heater vents or solar system components or panels).